Inventory & Pack-outs

Fire or flooding can cause significant damage to your property and all belongings in it. Once the initial danger has been eliminated, it is time to investigate the property, make a professional audit and assess the scope of fire or water damage. MorningStar Restorations offers professional restoration services that include damage evaluations, inventory, and pack-outs.

Damage Assessment and Inventory

Once our specialists arrive after an emergency, the first thing they do is make sure that your property is safe. Sometimes big fires or floods can compromise the entire structure, so we do everything to protect your property from sustaining additional damage. That includes building temporary walls and roofs if necessary.
When your property is secured, our trained professionals take a detailed inventory of all your personal belongings. First, they make a list of all present items and take photographs of each one. While doing the inventory, we assess the scope of damage at the same time. Based on that, we will give you a report and propose future steps. For example, some items will probably be damaged beyond salvation, and based on our assessment, you can decide whether you want to replace or repair a particular item. We also work with certified technicians who assess the state of all electronics affected by fire or water. These professional audits are vital, as any malfunctioning appliance can cause additional problems and damages in the future.

Pack-Outs and Storage

Once we document and photograph each of your items, we remove them from the site and safely pack them. That prevents additional damages and creates a safer environment for on-site renovations and restorations.

After safely packing your belongings, we move them to our climate-controlled warehouse, where your items can safely sit until your property is back to its previous state.

Our services include:

  • Detailed inventory with pictures
  • Safe packaging
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Re-staging furniture and other items 

Call for Emergency Services

Morningstar Restoration offers emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Don’t wait any longer to restore any damaged property. Call us today for immediate service and repair!